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The conference will be hosted by the Lviv Polytechnic National University.
Adress: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12 Bandera St., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Lviv is a major scientific and industrial and also cultural and touristic venue in the very West of Ukraine (approximately 70 km from the Polish border). The city has tight historical links to the neighboring European countries.
Lviv is an important research and education center in Ukraine. Both Lviv National University (founded in 1661) and Lviv Polytechnic National University (founded in 1844) are the oldest university and technical university in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. These two renowned academic centers are complemented by numerous R&D institutions in Lviv to form a balanced and developing scientific and industrial environment. I(C)T industry is also well represented in Lviv. SoftServe, ELEKS, Lohika, EPAM, Edvantis Software, GlobalLogic and many others are the successful companies in the ICT which are either hosted or have their branches in Lviv.
Lviv as a city offers to a visitor a unique combination of cultural heritage attractions belonging to the West and also to the East. While walking in the historical center of the city, you will be attracted by the constellation of Ukrainian and Polish, Armenian and Jewish, German and Austrian cultures embodied in the art of urban planning. Due to its unique face and hospitality, Lviv becomes more and more popular by the tourists coming from Europe and overseas. People love returning to the city as it offers something particularly special for a visitor in any season. There is a diversity of tours offered to any taste. One may take an individual or group, day or night, city or countryside, gastronomic or thematic tour. For more information, please visit the official city travel site.

Transport connections

The Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport(LWO) is located 6 kilometers away from the city center (how to get to airport). Its new terminal was built in 2012. There are several direct international flight routes to Lviv (for instance, from Vienna, Warsaw, Munich, Naples, Venice, Milan, Istanbul, and Moscow) as well as a few domestic ones.
You can get from the airport to Lviv Polytechnic National University by the Trolleybus Route # 9, stopping at the "Ustiyanovycha St.".

Modern Lviv remains the hub in which nine railways converge, providing local, national, and international services (please see Lviv railway station timetable). Currently, comfortable connections are offered from/to Poland (Wroclaw), Slovakia (Bratislava), and Hungary (Budapest). Many routes have overnight trains with sleeping compartments.
You can get from Lviv Railway Station to Lviv Polytechnic National University using the Tram Routes # 1 or #10 stopping at "Lvivska politekhnika".
Lviv railway is often called the main gateway from Europe to Ukraine although there is good bus connection with European countries. Certainly, you can get to Lviv also by car.

Public transportation in Lviv

A mapped guide for Lviv public transport services is available at (including mobile apps). Another suitable mobile app for public transport in Lviv is Lviv Router (works offline, includes some taxi services). Lviv is also well represented on Google Maps.
English-speaking taxi services include:
Official airport taxi operator (You can book a taxi at the official taxi operator desk located in the terminal “A” or by the phone: + 380 (32) 290 290 5, +380 (98) 111 12 12.). Indicative taxi fares.
ELC taxi (phones: +380 (93) 184 83 84, +380 (96) 184 83 84, +380 (66) 184 83 84)
WelcomeTaxi (phone: +380 (94) 710 56 63)
Express Taxi (phones: +380 (32) 239 15 15, +380 (98) 239 15 15)
Several other taxi services can be found at the official city travel site, or at, or