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Call for TUTORIAL Proposals

Besides the main technical program, ICTERI plans hosting a number of tutorials on the topics related to the scope of the conference.

The role of an ICTERI tutorial is to be a theme-oriented comprehensive survey. A tutorial may:

  • Discuss novel ICT techniques or trends in the field
  • Center around successful and timely application of ICT in important application areas or industries
  • Provide a seed platform for a more intensive scientific exchange amongst researchers and students interested in a particular topic and a meeting point for the community

Important Dates

01.03.2015 – submission deadline
29.03.2015 – acceptance notification
28.04.2015 – camera ready papers
28.04.2015 – registration deadline
14.-16.05.2015 – conference days


ICTERI solicits short tutorials with duration of up to 90 minutes. However, the proposals of a half-day or full day tutorial are also welcome.
If a long tutorial is accepted it will be scheduled on a day before or after the main conference.

Audience and Focus

Organizers should design tutorials for approximately 20-40 participants to balance impact and effective discussion. To be attractive to the potential audience a tutorial should address the topics that satisfy the following criteria:

  • The topic fits into the general scope of ICTERI 2015
  • There is a clear focus on a specific theme, technology, problem, or application
  • There is a sufficiently large audience interested in the topic

These need to be clearly explained in the tutorial proposal.

Proposal Structure

In addition to the explanation of relevance and focus, a proposal should comprise the following:

  • Basic information: Title, brief description, the name and contact information for each tutor, the length of the proposed tutorial. If the intended tutorial is expected to take longer than 90 minutes a rationale is expected. Also identify any other venues in which the tutorial has been or will be presented.
  • Audience: Proposals must clearly identify the intended audience for the tutorial (e.g., novice, intermediate, expert).
    • What background will be required of the audience?
    • Why is the topic important/interesting to the ICT community in broad and the focal community in particular?
    • What is the benefit to participants?
    • Provide some informal evidence that people would attend (e.g., related workshops)
  • Coverage: Enough material should be included to provide a sense of both the scope of material to be covered and the depth to which it will be covered. The more details that can be provided, the better (up to and including links to the actual slides or viewgraphs). Note that the tutors should not necessarily focus mainly on their own research results. If, for certain parts of the tutorial, the material comes directly from the tutors' own research or product, please indicate this clearly in the proposal.
  • Bios: provide brief biographical information on each tutor including qualifications with respect to the tutorial's topic
  • Special equipment (if any): Please indicate any additional equipment (if needed). The standard equipment includes an overhead projector, a single projection screen and microphones.

Submission and Publication

A tutorial proposal has to be submitted as a Full Paper, Short paper, or Extended Abstract to the ICTERI 2015 Tutorials Track. Submission should be done electronically via EasyChair at
When preparing your submission please be advised to consult the evaluation criteria for discussion, survey, or problem analysis papers. Please also check the Annotation and Formating instructions.

Accepted tutorial papers will be published on-line and in open access in the international proceedings volume ( before the conference. Previously, the international proceedings volumes of ICTERI were published at CEUR-WS (ISSN 1613-0073):


Any inquiries regarding ICTERI 2015 tutorials should be addressed to the Tutorial Chair (Vadim Ermolayev) via email at vadim [at] ermolayev [dot] com.

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