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3rd International Workshop on Information technologies in economic research (ITER 2014)

Description of the Theme of the Workshop
Expanding of IT has very big influence on business process, e-commerce, economic education, and research with using of modeling, processing and presentation of economical data. IT is powerful tools for improvement of economic forecasting process and facilitation of decision making in different economical industries.

Workshop Language(s): English, Russian, Ukrainian
Workshop date: 09-11 June, 2014

Important Dates

  • 07.04.2014 – paper submission deadline
  • 28.04.2014 – notification about acceptance or rejection of workshops
  • 12.05.2014 – submission of camera ready versions of accepted papers
  • 03.06.2014 – registration deadline
  • 09-11.06.2014 – conference days

Fact Sheet

Topics of interest
ITER 2014 invites papers on, but not strictly limited to, the following topics:

  • Business process management: business process implementation for firms, suppliers, customers; information systems in small and medium business, IT-innovations in management process, R&D races, business intelligence approach, peculiarity of management in virtual organization, e-commerce approach, cloud technology in business, e-governance: practice and applications.
  • Quantitative methods in economics: econometrics research on micro- and macro level, applied multiple regression analysis, multiple regression analysis with qualitative information, comparative analysis of software package for economic research, regression analysis with time series data, instrumental variables estimations.
  • Experimental and Behavioral Economics: game theory approach, incentive compatible mechanism design, economic prediction testing by experiments, principal-agent model, market experiments, behavioral finance and investment, investor behavior, behavioral explanation for market anomalies, behavioral corporate finance and management decision-making.
  • Financial Modeling: quantitative methods and IT in finance, forecasting and modeling of finance indexes, finance optimization, governance of state and corporate finance.
  • IT education for economists: business informatics competences, IT-professional training for economic staff, knowledge management, mobile technologies in economical education, e-learning for economists, business games, educational experiments in economics.

Workshop Organizers
- Sergey Kryukov (svk1 [at] list [dot] ru), Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
- Tatyana Payentko (tpayentko [at] mail [dot] ru), Kyiv Economical Institute of Management, Ukraine
- Sergey Mazol (ivanov [at] yandex [dot] ru), Academy of Public Administration, Minsk, Belarus
- Vitaliy Kobets (vkobets [at] kse [dot] org [dot] ua), Kherson State University, Ukraine

Program Committee
- Alexander Weissbult , Kherson State University, Ukraine
- Tom Coupe, Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine
- Daur Zukhba, Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
- Elena Zhuran, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine
- Vladimir Popov, Astrakhan State University, Russian Federation

Submission Types and Formatting Requirements
ITER 2014 solicits research papers, discussion papers, case study reports. Formatting requirements and evaluation criteria are provided by the publication venue – Ukrainian scientific journal «Information Technologies in Education». Please refer to for more details.

- The papers accepted by the ITER 2014 Program Committee and written in English will be published in the ICTERI 2014 Proceedings Volume (at CEUR-WS). This publication qualifies as an international publication with the German ISBN. Please see the papers of ITER 2013 published in the international Proceedings Volume of ICTERI 2013 at
- The abstracts of the accepted papers written in Ukrainian or Russian will be published in the ICTERI 2014 Abstracts Volume (local Ukrainian Publisher).

The best ITER 2014 papers after their presentation and discussion at the workshop may be invited to be published in their refined and extended versions:

  • Either in the Special Issue of the Journal of Information Technologies in Education, endorsed by the Higher Attestation Comission of Ukraine (April 14, 2010) as a rated professional sereal publication in Pedagogical Sciences). The papers in English, Ukrainian, or Russian are the eligible candidates for this publication channel. Refined and extended versions of the papers will undergo a review by the members of the ITE Editorial Board, who will decide upon the acceptance for ITE.
  • Or in the Post-proceedings of ICTERI 2014 to be published in the Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS, Only the papers written in English will be considered as the candidates for the post-proceedings. Refined and extended versions of the papers will undergo a review by the members of the ICTERI program committee. The ICTERI Steering Committee will decide upon the acceptance forthis CCIS volume.