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Organizations, companies, projects, or individuals willing to become a sponsor of ICTERI 2012 are advised to check our Call for Sponsors.

Organizations and Companies sponsoring ICTERI 2013:


Platinium Sponsors

DataArt ( develops custom applications, helping clients optimize time-to-market & save costs. Domain knowledge, offshore cost advantages, and efficiency - that's what makes DataArt a partner of choice for their global clients. DataArt develops industry-defining applications, helping clients optimize time-to-market and minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems.
Kherson State University (KSU, is a multidisciplinary scientific, educational, and cultural center in the south of Ukraine which provides higher education in different specialties. One of the important activities of the University is to attract students starting from junior courses to fundamental and applied research, which implies their active participation in scientific conferences. Over the years, KSU has expanded good professional relationships with anumerous universities and institutions in Germany, Austria, the USA, Russia, France, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, and other countries. Information and Communication Technologies is one of the priority programmes at KSU.

Private persons sponsoring ICTERI 2013:


Gold Sponsors

Aleksander Spivakovsky
Aleksandr Spivakovsky is the chair of the Department of Informatics and the first vice-rector of Kherson State University. He received his PhD in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1985 and his DrSci degree in in the Methods of Applying IT in Teaching Advanced Mathematics from ... in 2004. Aleksander is the Honoured Professor of Yan Dlugosh Academy and a Honored Educator of Ukraine. For many years the focus of his activity was establishing, promoting, and further developing the team of Computer Science and ICT professionals in Southern Ukraine. He was the leader and coordinator of several high-profile international research and development activities in the ICT domain - for example several Tempus Tacis projects and Northern New York and Southern Ukraine: New University Partnership for Business and Economic Development.
Dmitriy Shchedrolosev
Dmitriy Shchedrolosev is the head of DataArt’s R&D Center at Kherson overseeing all aspects of operations, production and HR management. He holds a a MSci degree in Computer Science from Kherson State University. As an industrial research and development leader, Dmitriy is personally very active in ICT research. He is the author of several referreed publications in ICTdomain and a frequent speaker at international professional events.