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Please check below the Opening Presentation by the Conference Chairs

Conference Program

To retrieve the conference program of ICTERI 2013 for each conference day please follow the links below.

The program of the Main Conference will comprise

ICTERI-2013 also offers its infrastructure and facilities for the organizers of co-located ICTERI 2013 Workshops that match the Scope of the Conference. The call for ICTERI 2013 Workshop Proposals is published separately from the main Call for Papers.

ICTERI hosts a small number of ICTERI 2013 Tutorials on the topics related to the general theme of the conference - please see the Topics of ICTERI Scope for more details. The role of an ICTERI Tutorial is to be a theme-oriented comprehensive survey. The call for ICTERI 2013 Tutorials is also published separately.

Companies or individuals interested in presenting their products/methodologies are invited to contact the conference steering committee. This year ICTERI will offer a selection of such talks and presentations as its ICTERI 2013 IT Talks sub-event.

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