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ITER 2013: Papers Accepted for the Workshop

Out of 20 submissions 4 full and 6 short papers have been accepted based on the reviews by the members of the ITER Program Committee. The acceptance rate is therefore 50 %.

ITER Topic coverage by the accepted 10 papers is as follows:

  • Business process management - 4 papers
  • Quantitative methods in economics - 3 papers
  • IT education for economists - 3 papers

Accepted Full (Regular) Papers

  • 3: Anatoly Beletsky, Alexsander Beletsky and Roman Kandyba. Matrix Analogues of the Diffie-Hellman Protocol
  • 5: Evgeny Beletsky and Anatoly Beletsky. Binary Quasi Equidistant and Reflected Codes in Mixed Numeration Systems
  • 7: Vitaliy Kobets. Mechanism Design for Foreign Producers of Unique Homogeneity Product
  • 19: Elena Lazareva. Features of National Welfare Innovative Potential Parametric Indication’ Information-Analytical Tools System in the Globalization Trends’ Context

Accepted Short (Research in Progress) Papers

  • 9: Darya Bonda and Sergey Mazol. Are securities secure: Study of the Influence of the International Debt Securities on the Economic Growth
  • 10: Oksana Moiseeva and Sergey Mazol. How to make high-tech industry highly developed? Effective model of national R&D investment policy
  • 11: Alexander Joseph Weissblut. Econometric analysis on the site “Lesson pulse”
  • 12: Karine Mesropyan. Decision Supporting Procedure for Strategic Planning: DEA Implementation for Regional Economy Efficiency Estimation
  • 15: Andriy Semenyuk. Applying of Fuzzy Logic Modeling for the Assessment of ERP Projects Efficiency
  • 20: Victor Selyutin and Margarita Rudenko. Mathematical model of the banking firm as tool for analysis, management and learning