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Instructions for AUTHORS

This page contains the guidance for the authors of ICTERI 2012 submissions.

First to mention: the language of the main ICTERI Conference is English. Submissions in other languages will be rejected.

The organizers of the satellite events (workshops, IT talks, tutorials) will announce their working languages individually. Please follow their Calls for Submissions.

Four types of submissions are solicited for the main conference:

  • Full/regular research papers
  • Short research papers
  • Discussion, survey, or problem analysis papers
  • Industry experience reports or case studies

More details about these types are given in the Paper TYPES page of this web site.

It is requested that a submission of any type to ICTERI 2012 must be annotated both with:

  • The list of the Key Terms of ICTERI Scope Ontology (up to five)
  • The list of freely chosen keywords or phrases (up to five)

More details about how to annotate your submission and how to choose the Key Terms are given in the !!!ANNOTATION page of this web site

The guidelines for formatting your submissions age provided in the FORMATTING page of this web site.

Finally the information about the submission procedure is given in the SUBMISSION page.