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Call for WORKSHOP Proposals

The Call for Workshop Proposals is closed

Please see ICTERI 2013 workshops at

Besides the main technical programme, ICTERI 2013 will host a number of workshops on topics related to the general theme of the conference. The role of the workshops is to provide a platform for a more intensive scientific exchange amongst researchers interested in a particular topic and as a meeting point for the community.

Workshops should provide forums for discussion among researchers and practitioners on focused topics or emerging research areas. Organizers may structure workshops as they see fit, possibly including invited talks, panel discussions, presentations of work in progress, fully peer-reviewed papers, or some combination. Workshops could be scheduled for a half day or a full day, depending on interest, space constraints, and organizer preference. Organizers should design workshops for approximately 10-30 participants to balance impact and effective discussion.

In order to meet these goals, workshops should address topics that satisfy the following criteria:

  • The topic falls in the general scope of ICTERI 2013
  • There is a clear focus on a specific theme, technology, problem, or application
  • There is a sufficiently large audience interested in the topic

In particular, but not limited to, the conference invites submissions in:

  • ICT infrastructures, integration and interoperability
  • Machine Intelligence, knowledge engineering (KE), and knowledge management (KM)for ICT
  • Model-based software system development
  • Cooperation between academia and industry in ICT
  • Methodological and didactical aspects of teaching ICT and using ICT in education

The proposers of accepted workshops have to prepare a workshop webpage containing a call for papers and detailed information about the workshop organization and timelines. The organizers of successful workshops will be responsible for:

  • Their own reviewing process
  • Publicity (e.g., website, etc.)

By default it is assumed that the papers accepted by ICTERI Workshops will be published in the ICTERI 2013 proceedings and disseminated online through

It is also acceptable if the organizers prefer to publish their proceedings separately. In the latter case it is appreciated that the proposal informs about the intended publisher.

Depending on their quality, selected revised and extended workshop papers may be invited to appear in the post-proceedings of ICTERI 2013. The post-proceedings of ICTERI 2012 are published in Springer CCIS series as vol. 347.

The organizers of the accepted workshops will be required to closely cooperate with the ICTERI 2013 Workshops chair and local organizers to finalize all mentioned details and ensure a successful satellite event at ICTERI.

Workshop proposals must be submitted to the ICTERI 2013 Workshops chair Mykola Nikitchenko at nikitchenko [at] unicyb [dot] kiev [dot] ua and should include:

  • The name and acronym of the workshop
  • A description (0.5-1 page) of the theme of the workshop
  • A description (one paragraph) of the relation between the theme of the workshop and of ICTERI 2013
  • An estimation of potential interest to the workshop theme and the number of submissions
  • A list of topics of interest
  • The names and affiliations of the workshop organizers, and if applicable, of a significant part of the program committee
  • Data about previous offerings of the workshop (if any), including the attendance, the numbers of papers or presentations submitted and accepted, and the links to the corresponding websites
  • A publicity plan for attracting submissions and attendees

Due to publication deadlines, workshops must operate within roughly the following timeline: papers due end of March 2013, selection results communicated by the end of April 2013, and sent to the publisher by mid May at latest and depending on the chosen publication channel.

Important Dates

  • 15.01.2013 – submission of Workshop Proposals
  • 17.02.2013 – notification about acceptance or rejection of Workshops
  • 19-22.06.2013 – conference days

Any inqueries regarding ICTERI 2013 workshop proposals should be addressed to the workshops chair (Mykola Nikitchenko) via email at nikitchenko [at] unicyb [dot] kiev [dot] ua.

Please use the link below to download the Call for Workshop Proposals in PDF:

Complete information for the ICTERI 2013 Call for WORKSHOP Proposals58.02 KB