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ICTERI 2013 Post-Proceedings

This page provides the instructions on how to prepare, structure, format, and submit your revised and estended paper for the ICTERI 2013 post-proceedings.

Preparing your Paper

Please be reminded that you have to revise and extend your ICTERI 2013 paper which has been published in the CEUR-WS proceedings. The papers which were not revised or extended substantially enough will be rejected at review.

The page limits for the post proceedings are:

  • Full (regular) paper - 22 - 24 LNCS pages
  • Extended abstract - 8 - 12 LNCS pages

Please mind that short papers are not accepted for the post-proceedings. If you published a short paper in the CEUR-WS proceedings please make your post-proceeding submission mature enough to be regarded as a regular paper.

Generic Suggestions for Extension and Revision

Of course we are not intended to prescribe anything. As the author, you are making your decision yourself. Several generic suggestions may however hint you about what may be expected by the editors and reviewers:

  • Please check carefully the comments by your ICTERI reviewers which may contain useful suggestions for improving your paper
  • Please consider adding a new, use case, experiment, anything else that may validate your result in an application
  • Please consider providing the proofs of the statements that were missing in your ICTERI paper
  • Please consider elaborating the metrics for your evaluation experiments
  • Please consider elaborating more on the competing/relevant approaches in your state-of-the-art review, based on more recent international publications
  • Please proof-read your manuscript to improve English
  • Please change the title of your submission adequately to its revision

Review Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the reviewers when considering your post-proceeding submissions:

  • Sufficiency of Extension and Revision of the ICTERI 2013 paper
  • Scientific/Technical Clarity and Correctness (Discussion papers) OR Scientific/Technical Quality (Research, Industrial papers)
  • Soundness of: Evaluation (Research, Industrial papers); OR Discussion (Discussion papers)
  • Anticipated interest for the reader
  • Presentation and language

Submission Package

As usual, you first have to submit your draft for the consideration by the reviewers. Then, if the paper is accepted, you have to submit your camera-ready version.

Draft submission should include:

  • The PDF or MSword of your revised and extended paper
  • The SYNOPSIS of the revisions and extensions you made as a plain text

These two files should be packed in a ZIP archive and submitted to the Post-proceedings EasyChair (below)

Camera Ready Submission should include:

  • The PDF of your revised and extended paper
  • The sources of your revised and extended paper
  • The ANSWERS to the comments and suggestions by the reviewers as a plain text file
  • The comleted copyright transfer form

The authors of the accepted papers will be provided with more details later.


The drafts have to be submitted by UPDATING the respective ICTERI 2013 papers at


ICTERI post-proceedings papers should be formatted using Springer LNCS template for proceedings and other multi-authored publications. Springer instructions can be viewed at

More specifically:

Copyright Form

  • Please download the template for the Springer CCIS/LNCS Copyright Transfer Form from the attachment in the bottom of this page
  • Please fill this form out, print, and sign it. The form may be signed by the corresponding author only - on behalf of the other authors.
  • Please scan the signed Copyright Transfer Form and submit this scan copy together with the camera-ready version of your paper as requested by the EasyChair
LNCS-Springer-ICTERI-2013-PP-Copyright-Form-Template.pdf72.96 KB