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ITER 2016: Papers Accepted for the Workshop Event

Submissions - 25
Accepted papers - 14
Acceptance rate - 0.56 (56%)

Topic 1 - Business Process Modeling

Vitaliy Kobets and Valeria Yatsenko. Adjusting of business processes by the means of autoregressive model using BPMN 2.0
Yassine Rhazali, Hadi Youssef and Abdelaziz Mouloudi. An Approach for Automating Transformation from Business Models toward Design Models According MDA
Żaneta Pietrzak, Artur Jablołoński, Marta Kawczyńska and Tomasz Wnuk-Pel. Impact of Integrated Information System Implementation on the Quality of Information Obtained from Management Accounting System

Topic 2 - Fuzzy logics and neural networks

Olha Moroz. Using Hybrid Algorithms Based on GMDH-Type Neural Networks for Solving Economic Problems
Myroslav Komar, Vladimir Golovko, Sergei Bezobrazov and Anatoly Sachenko. Intelligent Cyber Defense System

Topic 3 - Computational Economics and Economic Modeling

Vitaliy Kobets and Alexander Weissblut. Nonlinear dynamic model of microeconomic system with different reciprocity and expectations types of firms: stability and bifurcations
Igor Atamanyuk and Yuriy Kondratenko. Forecasting Economic Indices of Agricultural Enterprises Based on Vector Polynomial Canonical Expansion of Random Sequences
Tetiana Paientko and Verezubova Tatsiana. Modeling of Input Financial Flows of Insurance Companies as a Component of Financial Strategy
Olena Liashenko and Tetyana Kravets. Fractal analysis of currency market: Hurst index as an indicator of abnormal events
Vladimir Dorozhinsky, Arsen Khadikov and Nina Zholtkevych. Machine Learning Methods and “Real-Time” Economics
Lidiia Hladchenko. Government financial accountability and transparency in the digital world

Topic 4 - Evolutionary and Behavioral Economics

Viktoria Yatsenko. A company-specific business process “Accounting of cash on the bank accounts” in the global electronic payment system
Vitaliy Kobets and Maksim Poltoratskiy. Using an evolutionary algorithm to improve investment strategies for industries of economic system

Topic 5 - IT Education for Economists

Iryna Ushakova. Simulation of the impact social media on promoting education services