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ITER 2015: Papers Accepted for the Workshop

  • Andriy Skrypnyk and Olha Holiachuk. The risks of further use of the Dnieper reservoirs cascade
  • Tetiana Paientko. Behavioral Aspects of Financial Anomalies in Ukraine
  • Andriy Skrypnyk and Maryna Nehrey. The formation of the deposit portfolio in macroeconomic instability
  • Vitaliy Kobets, Valeria Yatsenko and Maksim Poltoratskiy. Dynamic Model of Double Electronic Vickrey Auction
  • Karine Mesropyan. Which data can be useful to make decisions on foreign exchange markets?
  • Alexander Weissblut. Econometric analysis of education process on the site
  • Viktoria Yatsenko. The multidimensional data model of integrated accounting needed for compiling management reports based on calculation EBITDA indicator
  • Anastasiia Kolesnyk and Ihor Lukianov. Statistical Analysis of Indexes of Capitalization of the Ukrainian Firms: an Empirical Research