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ICTERI is an annual peer-reviewed international Computer Science conference focusing on research advances, business/academic applications of Information and Communication Technologies, design and deployment of ICT Infrastructures. The emphasis is also put on real world applications of ICT solutions. Therefore, all contributions are strongly encouraged to demonstrate how and to what purpose the proposed solutions are used or transferred into use, for example by a proof-of-concept implementation; a prototype in an advanced stage; a case study involving new tools and/or methodological approaches; experimental studies with real use cases, including knowledge or technology transfer; visionary papers or surveys revealing new needs and trends. Reports on academic-industrial partnerships for ICT innovation and knowledge transfer are as welcome as technological and methodological submissions.
We solicit submission of original work, not previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere, that address one or more of the following topics. Papers must be submitted to one of the following Tracks*:

  • Track 1: Advances in ICT Research
    • (Semantic) Integration and Interoperability
    • Managing Big Data and Linked Open Data
    • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    • Knowledge Models, Languages, and Representations
    • Ontologies: Engineering, Alignment, and Evolution
    • Machine Learning and Reasoning Methods
    • Reliability and Trust in Knowledge Management
    • Biologically and Socially Inspired Approaches to Machine Intelligence
  • Track 2: Information Systems: Technology and Applications
    • Service-Orientation and Large-scale Distributed Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Model Driven Architectures / Software Development
    • Business Process Management
    • Knowledge Extraction, Engineering and Management
  • Track 3: Academia/Industry ICT Cooperation
    • Joint Academic-Industrial Research and Development
    • Infrastructures, Tools and Framework Conditions for Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer
    • Best Practices
  • Track 4: ICT in Education
    • Methodology and Didactics of Teaching and Using ICT
    • Advances in and Tools for Technology Enhanced Learning
    • Balance between Theory and Practice in Curriculum Design
    • ICT Competence Design and Development
    • Quality Assurance of ICT Education
    • Professional Retraining and Life-Long Learning using ICT
    • Infrastructures and Framework Conditions for ICT Education
    • Modeling Systems in Education